Red Sea Bream Pole-and-Line Fishing & Filleting Experiences

Try catching your own ”Tsuruga Madai”, Tsuruga's popular brand of red sea bream in a specialized sea-fishing pond.Even first-timers are welcome and the staff will help guide you.

Red Sea Bream Filleting Experiences
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Learn how to prepare and fillet the fish you caught yourself. The fresh fish will be prepared and served as sashimi and grilled fish. Nothing beats the taste of a fish you catch and fillet yourself!


Why is Sea Bream so popular in Japan?

Sea Bream

“Auspicious fish”

Grilled Sea Bream served whole has long been considered an auspicious dish in Japan. The Japanese word for Sea Bream is “tai”, and the word for auspicious is “omede-tai”, so the play on these words made Sea Bream a popular dish for banquets and celebratory occasions.

What makes Tsuruga Red Sea Bream so delicious?

Tsuruga is facing the Sea of Japan, which is known for its rough winter seas and heavy snowfall. As the Sea Bream are cultivated in this harsh environment, they grow up healthy and strong with a vitality that can withstand sudden changes in water temperature.

Also, using natural and highly nutritious feed such as crab shells ensures that the fish grow naturally, with a high quality of meat and vibrant red color.

Recommended Point

Eating fish you caught and filleted with your own hands is especially delicious. Please enjoy the taste of our fresh Tsuruga Red Sea Bream!

April 01,2023 - March 31,2024
・ 1 person plan: 8,910 yen
・ 2 people plan: 6,710 yen
(*This is the price per person for a plan for 2 people to catch and fillet one fish.)
Price includes
・Fishing rod rental
・Boat fee 
・1 Red sea bream
・Actual meal after filleting activity (lunch plan)
・Carbon offset fee
(¥110 incl. tax per participant)
Minimum number of participants
6 people
Maximum number of participants
20 people
day of closing
7 days in advance
Required time
Approx. 150 mins
Kaiyujuku Tone
2-1-3 Nago, Tsuruga City, Fukui-Prefecture
・We will travel to the sea-fishing pond by boat. When boarding the boat, it is mandatory to wear the rental life jacket.
・We will be using knives to fillet the sea bream, so please handle them with care.
・You may not be able to board the boat in case of stormy weather. In such a case, the program will be changed to focus on how to fillet the sea bream.
・The staff will only speak Japanese, but we have pamphlets and explanatory panels in English and Taiwanese.